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Ollie Vue ("I love you") was the Rising Sun Charge until December 8, 2016. He was a Golden Retriever dog missing one leg. He was killed in a Red Horse raid (the aptly named Ollie Vue Raid).

Rising Sun Charge Edit

The Rising Sun Charge is the animal that provides happiness and strength to Rising Sun community members through connection to the port in each member's brain. The Charge is more than a symbol: His or her existence dictates strength and will in RS members.

Without the Charge, Rising Sun members are left without their source of happiness, and depression incidences rise dramatically. Since Ollie Vue's death, members of the Rising Sun community have turned to one another and substances for happiness, causing high tensions among the group.

Continued Plans Edit

A new Rising Sun Charge is slated to be appointed on February 10, 2017. This charge comes from a litter of dogs already born, which will be met by a company of Rising Sun members on January 21.