Purpose Edit

Rising Sun Academy was founded in 2003 to train young (high-school age) students in the Rising Sun community. Since the Battle Force went out, teachers and students at RSA are the only remaining members of Rising Sun in Realm 207. The approximately 900 students gather information (Watch), fight Red Horse Group forces, and produce energy necessary for magic to continue working.

Magic Production Edit

The students at Rising Sun Academy keep magic working in Realm 207.

When the Battle Force left, they took most of the existing magic production equipment, and the rest was subsequently destroyed in a Red Horse raid (Boxing Day Siege, 2015). Starting in the spring of 2016, Rising Sun students and faculty worked, conserving remaining magic stores, to create the current magic production system (MPSUltimate). Academy Principal Francine Keynes and students Norah Heron and Leah Kanonov championed this system.

MPSUltimate runs on a specific type of knowledge, classed unofficially as Hard Energy. This is created when students learn things that test the limits of their brain, as is the intention in all of the classes at RSA. Some classes, including Rome and other languages, serve only to create Hard Energy. Others, like the Historical Mistakes series, create Hard Energy and teach students to do their jobs at Rising Sun.

Years Edit

Rising Sun has first years (freshmen), second years (sophomores), third years (juniors), and fourth years (seniors). After Fourth Year, students graduate to study programs for Greater Global Magic.

First Year Classes: Edit

  • Persuasion I: Mechanics
  • Efficiency I: Spacial
  • Societal Planning
  • Biological Warfare
  • Invention (semester)
  • Design Propaganda (semester)

Second Year Classes: Edit

  • Persuasion II: Evidence
  • Efficiency II: Equations
  • Historical Mistakes: Global
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Natural Order (semester)
  • Answering Why (semester)

Third Year Classes: Edit

  • Persuasion III: Composition
  • Efficiency III: Trigonometrics
  • Historical Mistakes: American
  • Physics In Warfare

Fourth Year Classes Edit

  • Persuasion IV
  • Efficiency IV: Calculus
  • Economic Planning (micro/macro) (semester)
  • Governmental Organization (semester)

Society and Language Courses Edit

  • Rome
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Elective Courses Edit

  • Audio-Video Propaganda
  • Ensemble: Orchestra
  • Ensemble: Band
  • Ensemble: Musical Troupe
  • Backstory
  • On Lying