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Rising Sun Equestrian is the equestrian branch of Rising Sun. Run by Erin Whitmayer (head trainer, barn manager) and Josephine Raines (fiscal manager, owner), it involves horses in the day-to-day activities of the students at RSA.

Horses are regularly used in Watch patrols and as personal projects for RSA students. RSA Student Trainers take on their personal horse as well as a young horse, which they train to be of help in battle and Watch scenarios.

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Rising Sun Equestrian is located outside of Acacia, in a town called Brinwood. The town is small and generally supports Red Horse, but there are few operations in it, since it is so close to the Rising Sun hub of Acacia.

One barn holds eight horses, and three pastures contain the rest. The facility also has an arena, a round pen, and a trail, all of which are used for group practices.