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Rising Sun Residential is the set of complexes in which students at Rising Sun Academy live. There are three complexes: Residence: Southwest, Residence: Central, and Residence: North. Bus service transports students from Residential Complexes to Rising Sun Academy.

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Each Residential Complex is set up in the same fashion. A street is built in a loop, with houses on either side. Those houses backing up to the inside of the circle are residential houses. Approximately 6 students live in each residential house. Each house features a closet under the stairs that, when opened with a passcode, reveals an escalator down into the Complex Headquarters. Remaining adults have offices within these areas. Laboratories and research facilities are located in Complex Headquarters, but they are not currently in use.

Those houses backing up to the outside of the circle are administrative buildings and outpatient areas. Administrative buildings house filing systems, reception desks, and information request services. Outpatient areas are repurposed outpatient facilities, now housing the few remaining families left after the Battle Force went out.

Residence: Southwest Edit

The story takes place in Residence: Southwest, where Norah lives, specifically in House 7412. RSW is the furthest facility from RSA and bus service is usually longer than an hour.

RSW has eighteen Houses and 124 residents. Norah shares 7412 with Leah, Bella, Alex, Aurora, Meyer, and Syria, as well as adult administrators Cordelia Frank and Gigi Richard.